Get a "2-Hour Smoke" With The Liberty Series
Camacho Cigars

Photo Courtesy of Camacho
Camacho Cigars has been in business since the 60's and has been providing handmade, luxury cigars ever since. The company is known for supplying tobacco from various different origins, and vintages. Their newest offering is their annual Liberty Series, which they consider to be their crown jewel and was made using the "best concept blend of the year." This 2012 blend features four priming's strictly from their Corojo crop of 2008, which was all grown together on the same lot specifically for these cigars.

Delivering some of the most highly anticipated cigars, Camacho can always be counted on to showcase unique blends and flavors.
The Liberty set is a limited run with only 2,000 boxes, 20 cigars each, out there for purchase. If you do the math, there's only 40,000 of these cigars, so if you want to get your hands on some, act now. Each individual cigar comes in its own little box with a red lid, with the cigar's number run listed on the side, giving it even more exclusivity.

Getting very high rating amongst cigar aficionados, the Liberty Series promises to bring you a relaxing and smooth experience, which would be the perfect end to any stressful workday. According to, the wrapper has notes of cedar, floral, some dill, and other earth-like tones. Once it's lit, the flavors of the wrapper are made even more intense, mixing to a rich and creamy experience. Apparently, one can even sense some orange peel once it's burned to the middle, ultimately bringing a nice, leisurely, two-hour smoke.
An individual cigar costs $16.80 and a full box runs $336.

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