Assouline Celebrates the 110th Anniversary of Cadillac with Limited Edition Book

Those who appreciate luxuriously produced books will surely recognize the name Assouline. The company has published over 1,000 luxury books since 1994 and have boutique book stores around the world, from Paris to Las Vegas, New York and Seoul.

Owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Assouline Publishing has covered all manner of subjects, from geography and religion to fashion and cars. It has profiled TAG Heuer and Barbie, The Hudson Bay Trading Company, and Christian Dior. But for its latest edition, Assouline is helping Cadillac celebrate its 110th anniversary.

Noah Joseph

Noah Joseph is a veteran automotive journalist and lifestyle writer whose words have been published in print and online media around the world. A military reservist and multinational citizen, Noah lives with his wife and son in the mountains above the Mediterranean Basin. ...(Read More)

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