Extravagant Baby Shower Ideas From Your Favorite Celebrities

extravagant baby showers

If you're one of the many people around the world getting ready to welcome a new baby into your life, you're probably already planning your baby shower by scouring Pinterest at three in the morning. While all those DIY ideas are great, sometimes people want something a little fancier and who's better at being fancy than pregnant celebrities? Here's some of the most extravagant baby shower ideas from your favorite faces — even if the ideas aren't practical, they're still fun to check out.

Mariah Carey

When singer Mariah Carey was pregnant with twins back in 2011 she had a pretty over-the-top party to celebrate. According to the DailyMail, Carey and her husband Nick Cannon hosted the shower, which was decorated entirely in pink and blue. The registry included $2,000 custom bedding for the cribs and a $350 car seat cover, but the best part were the gifts given. Someone shelled out $1,200 on a life-size giraffe toy (she was apparently was gifted two of them) so you may want to get that on your registry too. Worth a shot.

Giuliana Rancic

If you want to keep the gender of you baby a secret until the shower, you may want to follow in the footsteps of Giuliana Rancic. According to E Online, guests got a choice between pink or blue goodies to show off their gender predictions. Rancic and her husband then revealed the gender by opening a giant gift box, unleashing dozens of blue balloons into the air.

Jessica Simpson

At Jessica Simpson's Tom Sawyer-themed baby shower (which was held in the gardens at the Hotel Bel-Air in Beverly Hills) guests ate comfort food and drank from vintage baby bottles (weird) while sitting on retro furniture. According to Yahoo, the guests were also given party favors in a pretty cool way. On the way out of the party, Simpson had a fishing booth set up where her guests could reel out their gifts — which included nail polish, lip-gloss, and contraceptives (since Simpson's pregnancy was a surprise).

Kim Kardashian

Granted Kim Kardashian's baby shower hasn't actually happened yet, but her invitations were definitely unique. According to the Daily Mail, the invitation came in the form of a white music box with a ballerina twirling to a lullaby version of Kanye West's song "Hey Mama." You may choose not to duplicate the idea completely, but it should definitely give you some ideas to stray from the average paper invite. Details regarding the shower are pretty sparse but if the invite and her sister's shower is any indication — Kourtney's party included a four-tier chocolate chip cake from Hansen Cake and a cotton candy stand — Kim's will be quite the event.


Beyonce was given a pretty crazy gift from friend and former Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland. According to ABC News, Kelly gave a $5,200 baby bathtub studded with pink Swarovski-crystals that was crafted by California-based designer Lori Gardner. The tub apparently features 44,928 crystals that took over two months to apply by hand.

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