Bespoke Global Releases $150k Falconry Companion Collection For Neiman Marcus

Bespoke Global's $150k Falconry Companion

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Once you have perfectly trained your raptor and you're ready to get the bird out in the field, you should get yourself Bespoke Global's $150k Falconry Companion. For a sport that doesn't rely on man-made weapons, the details really matter and you're going to want the best for your falcon. Designed to deliver "ultimate relaxation," this collection was created exclusively for Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts 2013.

 Bespoke Global's $150k Falconry Companion

"Bespoke Global is honored to have been selected for the prestigious Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts. My collaboration with some of our leading artisans to create The Falconry Companion showcases their exceptional craftsmanship and I hope it gives a very lucky falconer a lifetime of enjoyment and use," says Gwen Carlton, Co-Founder of Bespoke Global. "The falcon hoods were made for a female gyr hybrid, but of course can be made-to-measure for any number of stylish raptors."

 Bespoke Global's $150k Falconry Companion

So, what exactly is included in this collection? Pretty much everything you will ever need - except for the bird, of course. There's a 20-karat gold-plated perch, hand-carved stands, a leather perch scale, hand-sewn gloves, an anklet, and falcon hoods designed by the world's preeminent hood maker Ken Hooke. Now that your bird is taken care of, you will find plenty items meant for your relaxation, like two Chatwin chairs and a foldout table by Bespoke's foremost designer Richard Wrightman. There's also a handmade backgammon board from Alexandra Llewellyn and a decanter and cigar carrying case. Everything fits snuggly inside a portable leather trunk that has oiled walnut trim and edging.

 Bespoke Global's $150k Falconry Companion

For every purchase, Neiman Marcus will donate a whopping $1.5K to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation.

 Bespoke Global's $150k Falconry Companion Bespoke Global's $150k Falconry CompanionBespoke Global's $150k Falconry CompanionBespoke Global's $150k Falconry CompanionBespoke Global's $150k Falconry CompanionBespoke Global's $150k Falconry Companion

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