Jun. 12th, 2014

Fly Through the Air Like a Superhero Using FlyJetBoard

jetboard water toy
Photo Courtesy of FlyJetBoard

Father's Day is coming up fast and we're headed into the territory of last minute gifts. Instead of getting your dad yet another golf club or bottle of Scotch, you may want to consider getting the FlyJetBoard — assuming pops is in pretty good shape, of course. Once you strap yourself onto the board, water is sucked up by a high pressure hose to propel you up to 32 feet in the air. Not only can you essentially fly using the FlyJetBoard, you can also dive into the water to shoot back up. While it may seem a bit tough, it apparently only takes 10-15 minutes of training to get in the air.

Since the company is based out of Russia, it's easiest to contact them directly to inquire about international shipping, though the price of the water toy is $4,300. 

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