Aristocard Reinvents the Credit Card With An Uber-Exclusive Social Club


Photos Courtesy of Aristocard

Many credit companies have exclusive cards, such as the American Express Centurion, but none quite like an Aristocard. Unlike its plastic cousins, Aristocard isn't actually a credit card in the traditional sense, since it links to your existing debit or credit card. By using the charge-card duplication concept, this unique metal card reinvents the exclusive social club and grants access to the only concierge you'll ever need.

Approved members receive a membership card that is tailored to you individually and enhances the benefits of the charge card it gets linked to. Aristocard promises a wealth of perks, including last-minute restaurant reservations; rare access to super exclusive events, night clubs and parties; really cool customized travel packages (including villa rentals, private jets and yachts, helicopter charters, and even rush passports); and enhanced shopping experiences with discounts at some of the world's best luxury stores. 


If event access and travel opportunities are what spark your interest, Aristocard offers a pretty lengthy list of events its members get unparalleled access to. These include, tickets to the Grammys, Super Bowl, Monaco Grand Prix, NBA Playoffs, U.S. Open Tennis, Indianapolis 500, and tons of Broadway shows. 

Of course, it doesnt stop there, members have way more options available to them—including Sundance Film Festival VIP parties and premieres, pretty much all the various fashion and yacht weeks, the Kentucky Derby, Art Basel, and New Year's Eve parties at the Playboy Mansion. Seriously, Aristocard could probably make your every dream come true. 


Aristocard’s most impressive benefits truly revolve around the travel industry. Thanks to partnerships with luxury hotels, the company affords members fantastic discounts and amenities—A Deluxe King Room at The Gansevoort Park Avenue, only runs Aristocard Members $355 a night. Package experiences are also available, with the most recent offering having been tailored around the World Cup in Brazil. The experience included accommodations in Rio de Janeiro, reserved tickets  for all of the matches, a meet and greet with celebrity athletes, and much more.


Interested in membership? First you have to apply on the website and give some relevant information about yourself. Considered applicants will be followed up with a phone call or an in-person interview to finalize the application process. The hand selected members pay an annual membership fee of $250 (which is estimated to be saved on booking just one hotel stay per year), after which a custom card is constructed for you and linked to the card of your choice. 

Now hurry up and get your application in!


Aristocard brings new life to the concept of an exclusive concierge, combining various facets of social interaction and luxury living....(Read More)

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