Grupo Vidanta Finding Luxury and Novelty to be a Winning Combination

Grupo Vidanta

Grupo Vidanta’s Executive Vice President, Iván Chávez, understands that a company is only as good as its customers. That’s why he’s made it his business to evolve with society’s views on travel. This adaptive approach has enabled him to deliver unique vacation experiences that cater to Millennials. As the largest living generational cohort and the largest body of consumers, Millennials have made the travel industry the third-largest international export after chemicals and fuels.

Despite “footloose and fancy-free” Millennial stereotype, this generation is more likely to invest in experiences than possessions. In general, they derive a greater sense of fulfillment from making memories than accumulating material things like money, which holds little value for them beyond its ability to create fulfilling memories. Paradoxically, this often requires a great deal of the wealth that they eschew, at least theoretically.

Grupo Vidanta

As relates to travel, Millennials are searching for boutique experiences that range from the eclectic to the chic, depending on the individual taste of the traveler. Some Millennials want to backpack across Europe, brave the Outback, or ride camels in Egypt. Thirty-six percent of Millennials now have the means as well as the desire to invest in luxury travel, such as an exotic getaway at one of the resort communities that dominate Mexico’s glittering coastline.

Chávez’s open-ended vision for Grupo Vidanta has created a boutique escape for Millennials on the luxury end of the travel spectrum. The company’s premier examples of this are the Vidanta Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta in Nayarit and the Vidanta Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya in Quintana Roo. The former is located in western Mexico, south of the Gulf of California, on the Bay of Banderas. The latter is located almost directly east of there, on the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Yucatán is known for the ancient Mayan cities of Chichen Itza and Tulum. Day trips to these locations can be arranged via the travel concierge in Vidanta Riviera Maya’s lobby. The resort is also home to the Cirque du Soleil Theater, which was custom-designed – with Chávez’s approval and direction – to showcase Grupo Vidanta and Cirque du Soleil’s culinary-cum-theater collaboration, JOYÀ. The companies are also collaborating on an ambitious experience at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, which will immerse visitors in a series of interactive “wonderlands” known as The Parks.

In addition to these “wow” moments, Millennials will be thrilled by the resorts’ health-and-wellness facilities, such as the full-service spas and salons, the pro-golf courses, and the outdoor activities at the pool, on the beach, or in the jungle. Millennials will also appreciate that both resorts were built with respect for Mexico’s cultural and ecology, using Grupo Vidanta’s privately owned construction company, “green” materials, and local labor.

Together, these high-end accommodations comprise the crème de la crème of Grupo Vidanta’s private vacation club memberships. Both were not only “Inspected & Approved” by the American Automobile Association (AAA) as clean, comfortable, and hospitable accommodations but were also awarded AAA’s Five Diamond “crown jewel” rating for “Ultimate Luxury.” AAA has also awarded Four Diamond ratings to the Vidanta Grand Bliss Nuevo Vallarta, the Vidanta Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta, the Vidanta Grand Mayan Los Cabos, and the Vidanta Grand Mayan Riviera Maya. Three Diamond ratings have been awarded to the Vidanta Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta, the Vidanta Mayan Palace Puerto Peñasco, and the Vidanta Mayan Palace Riviera Maya. Grupo Vidanta has received additional recognition from Cristal International Standards, RCI® (formerly Resort Condominiums International), the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), EarthCheck, The Rainforest Alliance, and Great Place to Work.


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