Jan. 29th, 2008

The Skinny on Renting Private Islands

Exotic Destinations: Renting a private island as a destination for a vacation or a special event is a move that definitively distinguishes contenders from pretenders for those driven to cruise the diamond lane of the upscale highway. What better way is there to show one's arrival then to rent a private world and invite your own citizenry to come and enjoy it? Although planning the logistics of such a move fall likely would land in the capable hands of a well-versed professional, doing a little research is recommended.

It is possible to obtain a better nightly rate by making reservations in weekly blocks instead of nightly. Many higher-priced private islands are set up to handle 25 to 30 guests, whereas the private islands with lower nightly rates and fewer accommodations are suited for family vacations and intimate gatherings.

Here a few choices and points to ponder when in the market for renting a private island.

Exclusive & Compelling Exotic

Believe it or not private-island vacation rentals are available for as low as $3,500 and more than $40,000 for an evening on a personal "fantasy" island. There is Sir Richard Branson's 74-acre Necker Island, and the Bahamas' Indigo Island for starters. Bring plenty of clams because a night on either island is around $50,000 nightly, including tips. Another extravagant private island is the Musha Cay Resort. It is a 150-acre private island that accommodates up to 24 guests in 12 bedrooms. It too can be yours for about $50,000 nightly.

Private-island rentals are available at lower rates as well. A night in a villa in Belize can be had for less than $2,500 nightly. This is not exactly roughing it, either, as guests stay in a two-story, two-bedroom estate with a butler, a pool and a breathtaking view.

There are private islands to rent around the world beyond tropical settings.

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