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Shopping: With Valentine's Day just around the corner, many are in a quandary about what to get for all the ones they hold so dear. Amid the recessionary crunch, below is a quick list of affordable gift ideas illustrating that you don't have to break the bank to express your love and appreciation to another.

*****For Mom*****

Demi Bella Fashion ($30-$50)
Demi Bella is an exclusive apparel and accessory line for moms and kids. Founded in 2007 by mommy of three Marlo Moleski, this company is committed to designing fun, fashion-conscious tees adorned with positive mommy messages. Demi Bella's adorable pink Mommy tee, which proudly showcases the wearer's number of offspring, exudes love and, as such, is perfectly suited for moms on Valentine's Day. With an array of other styles and colors to choose from, Demi Bella gives moms the opportunity to flaunt motherhood on a trendy tee. They also have tote bags and other gift items sure to please the modern moms in your life. (

*****For Dad*****

Sports Rack ($15)
This gift is perfect for the outdoorsmen and sports enthusiast-particularly one who needs a good dose of organization in his life. Perfect Curve's Sports Rack can be easily hung behind a door, and features adjustable straps to make accessing the rack's contents a snap for everyone in the family. The Sports Rack is decidedly durable and holds all types of balls, sports equipment and gear, such as gloves, cleats, and helmets. It has a simply drawstring closure that will keep his items in place when not in use. Guys love practical gifts that foster their interests and make life easier. And, this type of gift also helps others in the home deal with less clutter - it's a win-win all around! (

*****For Any*****

Fine Art Bookmarks ($3.99 each)
For the art lover, reading enthusiast and "do gooder" in your life, Art of Possibility Studios' collection of four fine art bookmarks featuring images by disabled artists is a must-have. This is the only for-profit art company exclusively dedicated to helping physically disabled artists become financially self-reliant, and these bookmarks help handicapped artists earn an independent living. The bookmarks showcase vibrantly colored hand-painted images, each with an uplifting message about "Love," "Faith," "Inspiration," and "Perseverance" on the front with a brief artist biography on the back. Each bookmark also features a decorative beaded tassel. What better way to say you love someone than to give them a thoughtfully designed peace of art with beautiful imagery and a touching, uplifting message. You'll also be showing your compassion for the disabled artists who, through their artistic endeavors, are living self sufficiently. (

Meritage from Robert Mondavi Private Selection ($11)
For those who want a nice bottle of wine to celebrate the holiday and are looking to stay within budget, Robert Mondavi's Meritage, a new red blend from its Private Selection, is for you. This 2006 vintage combines Cabernet Sauvignon (72%) with Merlot (10%), Petit Verdot (8%) and Malbec (8%) - the result is an intense wine rich in dark plum, black cherry and blackberry aromas iwth a plush, velvety texture. This elegant and complex wine is a perfect compliment to a hearty Valentine's Day dinner of steak and lamb. It also pairs well with cheese.(

BOBO Wrapping Scarf ($8-$40)
Every great gift deserves equally great packaging and presentation. Enter BOBO - a line of luxurious fabric scarves that offer an eco-friendly and far more fabulous alternative to gift wrap. This luxury accessory has a number of multi-functional purposes beyond gift wrapping, including use as a bag, wine carrier or lunch/snack tote. BOBO wraps come in a wide selection of fabrics, colors and designs that are perfectly suited for any occasion. What's more, your loved one can use the BOBO over and over again or re-gift it to another - paying the eco-fabulousness forward. So, next time you're giving a gift and want the recipient to rave about it even before it's open, go BOBO. (

*****For You*****

Luxtural Skincare Products ($78- $414)
Just because everyone else is getting love on Valentine's Day does not mean you shouldn't pamper yourself, too! Show how much you love your skin by giving yourself three luxurious facial products from Luxtural. The company's Silk Premonition, Sophisticated Veil and Mystique Fountain all feature anti-aging benefits focused on extreme hydration of the skin with pure Pacific rainwater. Mystique Fountain is a superb hydrator that tones, calms, cools and refreshes your skin. As a moisturizer, Silk Premonition is extremely effective at reinvigorating your skin. Sophisticated Veil is Luxtural's unique serum that nourishes your skin and prevents the loss of hydration. These skincare products are toxin free, light and apply smoothly, with no greasy after effects. Even the delicate fragrance that enhances the product comes from essential oils, further elevating the wellness benefit. If you don't already love your complexion, you will after using Luxtural. (

*****For Fido *****

K9 Confections ($6-$30)
Don't forget the one who probably loves you the most unconditionally-your dog! So, throw your dog a bone this Valentine's Day, both literally and figuratively. K9 Confections offer some of the best holiday doggie treats around, with a Valentine's Day Collection that includes Love Paws, Woofwiches, Love Bones and Candy Hearts. Each of the company's all-natural and organic bow-wow treats, which come in a variety of luscious flavors such as peanut butter and pumpkin, are baked fresh and decorated with natural yogurt and carob. All are wheat, corn, soy, salt and sugar free, are omega rich and are free of any preservatives. K9 Confections also offers vegetarian dog treats as well as breath fresheners - what pooch doesn't need that- Show Fido just how much he means to you this Valentine's Day with a gift all his own. (

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