Jan. 5th, 2010

NFL Bronze Bust Collector Card Set a Super Buy

Luxury Sports Collectibles: Are you ready for some football … collectibles? The Bronze Bust Collector Card set from the Pro Football Hall of Fame is an instant classic that is sure to leave even the most avid collectors of sports memorabilia swooning. The collection is a 253-card set made up football’s greatest players. Here’s the extra point that makes this package a super buy. Each individual set contains more than 130 autographs of members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, such as Super Bowl winners Joe Montana, John Madden, John Elway, Steve Young, and Terry Bradshaw.

The Bronze Bust Collector is bound in a well-made protective binder containing the Hall of Fame’s logo. All cards are hand-numbered and each set comes with a letter of authenticity from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The price of this prime-time one-of-a kind collectible is $5,000 per set. For more information, visit
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