Travel Safety Tips: It's Time for Vacation

Personal Security: Now that you have decided you are going to take that well deserved vacation, there are some very important tasks that need to be looked into. Of course, all of the fun things like the places you may visit, or the hotels you may stay at, or even the course you chart for your mega yacht. It is hard to reproduce the excitement and anticipation that one gets when they are planning for a fun packed vacation. The thoughts of tropical music in the background, the aroma of the suntan lotion in the air, the sounds of the blenders making your favorite mixed drink, and all of the fine dining that you can handle. Then of course, there is the shopping that takes place ensuring you have the perfect clothing for each event of your vacation. The majority of vacationers are great at getting their vacation planned out and ensuring they have the tangible items they need for a spectacular vacation.

Unfortunately, the subject of security is usually not an important part of most vacation plans. There are some very important steps that we can take to help ensure we do not become a victim of some sort while on vacation. There are criminals everywhere waiting to take advantage of a person who may appear to be an easy victim. The last part of the prior sentence is the key I want to discuss.

There are three specific elements directly related to a criminal act, opportunity, favorable location, and value. These three items can be viewed almost the way firefighters attack the triangle of fire, in that removing any one of the three necessary elements of fire (heat, fuel, oxygen), then a fire can't exist. I tell all of my clients to focus on minimizing the three criminal elements I mentioned above to ensure you do not appear to be an easy target. Sometimes the simple things like staying together when sightseeing or shopping will reduce the opportunity for a person to take advantage of you. There are other small things we can do like avoid unlit areas at night that directly affect a favorable location for criminal activity. With respect to Value, we need to be cognizant of the amount of cash we display when paying for a meal, or the type of jewelry we may be wearing. These three elements I have discussed are very basic and can easily be manipulated to increase your safety while enjoying your deserved vacation. I look at these same three elements for my clients when I conduct a Risk Analysis for large corporations and their executive staff while traveling on business.

By Greg Keef
JustLuxe Contributor

Greg Keef

Greg Keef is a 19-year Law Enforcement Officer from the Los Angeles Area. Mr. Keef has extensive experience in investigations and tactical experience with SWAT. Mr. Keef is the founder and CEO of Triton Global Services, where he provides consulting services for Risk Management. Mr. Keef specializes in providing solutions to high risk events while maintaining liability awareness for his client...(Read More)

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