Extreme Luxury Toys by Land, Air & Sea

Luxury Leisure: These adventurous modes of transportation are for those who find their luxury in hands-on extreme activities that only a select few dare try. It is likely that any of these adrenaline-pulsating machines could turn up for a cameo in the next epic Hollywood action and adventure movie. This is the stuff that the rich bad guys use to perpetrate and escape, and that the slick good guys use to chase them down ... by land, by air, or by sea.

Land: Can-AM Spyder RT-S
This is a hybrid for thrill-seekers who prefer a dash of luxury with their escapades. The Can-AM Spyder RT-S is the world's first three-wheel touring vehicle. It travels on all roads as well as trails. It features an adjustable suspension and stability system and an iPod®-integrated sound system. The shift from easy rider to contemporary rider is seamless with a manual 5-speed gearbox transmission or a semi-automatic finger-trigger shifting system. There are three models available; the Spyder RT-S is the top of the line with a base price of $25,000. Can-AM is a division of France's Bombardier Recreational Products

Air: Jet Pack T-73
If the thought of flying an airplane solo is not adventurous enough for you, how about strapping a rocket to your body and flying without wings? Very extensive training is required prior to being able to buy the Jet Pack T-73 model. The personal rocket's estimated flight time and distance is nine minutes and 11 miles, respectively. Top speed is 83 mph with an altitude of 250 feet. The maximum weight of a T-73 pilot is 180 pounds. So, along with the submitting to heavy-duty training, flyers also need to be in good condition.

By Sea:, Zodiac CZ7
Adorable? No way. Durable? Absolutely. This rigid-hull inflatable boat (RIB) is must-have equipment for extremists of water sports. The Zodiac CZ7 is the consumer's version of the Hurricane (H-733), which was built to the demanding military standards of the U.S. Coast Guard and the Navy SEALS. Both boats have the exact same fiberglass deep-V hull design. The CZ7 rips through choppy waters at 52 mph. The vessel's low center of gravity provides extraordinary turning and cutting ability. It has four shock-mitigation seats and shock-absorbing flooring. This is a very serious recreational boat.

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