Oct. 19th, 2010

Formula One's Debut in Korea Is MBZ's 300th F1 Race

Formula One: Round 17 of the 2010 World Championship, the Korean Grand Prix, marks the debut of Formula One racing in Korea. The race, which is under way, is being held at the newly built Korean International Circuit. The first F1 event held at the track also is of special significance to Mercedes-Benz. It is the 300th F1 race that includes a team sponsored by the automaker.

The Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One team, which is currently the fourth team overall, consists of six highly skilled racers: Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Ross Brawn, Nick Fry, Norbert Haug, and Thomas Fuhr. Two of the team's drivers are among the top 10 individual F1 drivers this season. Rosberg and Schumacher rank sixth and ninth, respectively.

The Mercedes GP Petronas drive V8-powered Silver Arrows that feature a hydraulic-powered sequential seven-speed semi-automatic transmission with 2.41 displacement and 18,000 rpm. The carbon-fiber cockpit and the steering wheel, which are one combined unit that consist of 120 individual components and includes 20 switches and functions, is an ergonomic wonder.

The Korean Grand Prix is a grueling 55-lap race. A circuit is 5,621 kilometers and the race's distance is 309,155 kilometers.

Source: Mercedes GP Petronas
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