Red Bull Racing Drives Out One of a Kind Artwork in London

Modern Art: A limited-edition collection of unique, functional art objects, hand-crafted from components which have run and raced on Red Bull Racing’s Formula One cars, has been launched.

Red Bull Racing, in conjunction with Racing Gold, has taken the spirit of the Formula One team and molded authentic racing car pieces and parts into intriguing, beautiful and modern sculptures. The items retain the essence of their racing pedigree while being re-born as practical works of art.

Like every car which competes, each piece in the Part Of The Team collection is unique, will be numbered and comes with its own life history.

The collection, comprising of 13 exclusive designs, includes a stunning floor-standing lamp, using a polished exhaust system, and sets of elegant coasters made from gearbox rings encased in a handmade, oiled walnut presentation box. There are also stylish wall mirrors which take their DNA from the brake discs that scrubbed the speed off the car’s wheels and simple, chic LED desk lamps created from suspension pushrods.

The collection, launching this month in the UK, was previewed at the Red Bull Racing Energy Station in the Formula One paddock at the Monza Grand Prix in September.

“At the very heart of Formula One is the art of creating the perfect racing car,” Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing Team Principal, said. “The Part Of The Team collection reveals elements of the car which are vital, often unseen, but actually quite stunning. “These pieces are extremely special, highly desirable and would be a fascinating talking point in any room.”

The items in the limited-edition collection have been crafted and inspired by the individual car parts selected, each taking many hours of skilled workmanship to hone and perfect. Every item in the Part Of The Team collection comes with a certificate of authenticity and a history of where each part was raced or used by the team - several will include a tour of the team’s Formula One factory and headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK.

A percentage of each sale will go to the spinal cord research foundation, Wings For Life.

Carol Driver

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