Infiniti M Hybrid 2012: A Midsize Luxury Sedan

With a 360-horsepower performance and a 30-mpg fuel efficiency average, the new 2012 Infiniti M Hybrid arrives in showrooms this spring already in a class all its own. This midsize, luxury-hybrid sedan is as efficient as it is powerful. It is this extraordinarily balanced one-two combination that makes its arrival one of the most anticipated of the year. Whether it is performance or efficiency, the numbers gleaning from both fronts of the M Hybrid add up very appealingly.

Delivering a V-6 hybrid with demonstrable V-8-like performance qualities prompted the luxury automaker to develop the Direct Response Hybrid™ system. The system is centered on a revolutionary “1-motor, 2-clutch parallel powertrain” setup. In a nutshell, this is the high-speed motor-control technology that enables the gas and electric motors in the hybrid car to work together seamlessly.

Whether the motors operate separately or jointly, transitions and connectivity are as smooth as orchestrated music led by a conductor. The 2012 M Hybrid can operate in electric mode alone at up to 62 mph. When the 7-speed automatic transmission unwinds, the V-6 hybrid engine accelerates the four-door sedan from zero to 60 mph in less than six seconds.

It also compares well next to another well-known luxury-hybrid sedan model, the Lexus GS 450h. In comparing the two’s horsepower and fuel economy numbers, the M Hybrid had more horsepower (360 vs. 340) and better fuel economy (32 mpg vs. 25 mpg) than the GS 450h.

The efficiency factor of the 2012 Infiniti M Hybrid is measurable in other features as well. The lithium-ion battery has been redesigned and is lighter and smaller, resulting in more storage space in the trunk. Additionally, the energy spend by the car’s braking system is used to keep the battery charged, which improves the efficiency of the hybrid powertrain.

One more example is the power-steering system of the car. It creates hydraulic oil pressure with an electric motor instead of the traditional form of power steering. This provides the driver with the same recognizable touch and feel and improves upon fuel economy as well.

Let us not forget that the M Hybrid also is quite the luxurious package too. It begins with the grain of the exotic wood trim along the console, the dashboard, and arm pieces. It has a glistening luster that elegantly frames the welcoming cabin.

The seats are supple; the controls and instrumentation are positioned intuitively; and the optional Forest Air system generates a soothing and rejuvenating airflow throughout the cabin. Add the available 16-speaker Bose Studio Surround 5.1 System and call it day. However, there is more, a lot more.

In math, when two lines move toward the same point, an intersection occurs when those lines touch. For the purposes of this equation, the lines of overall performance and maximum efficiency intersect superlatively at the new 2012 Infiniti M Hybrid!


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