Ashton Kutcher's Luxury Trailer on the Set of Two and a Half Men

Someone has finally answered Ashton Kutcher’s moronic question from his 2000 film, Dude, Where’s My Car? and if he can’t find it now then his vision has somehow gotten even worse since taking Demi Moore as a wife.

Ashton Kutcher has lined up a swanky star trailer to call home while he films his debut season on Two and a Half Men. Luckily for him, he’s replacing the craziest actor in recent history, so any request he makes will pale in comparison to Charlie Sheen’s colorful needs.

The trailer, a customized rig from the celebrity-favored Anderson Mobile Estate firm, rolls into the CBS backlot at 53 feet long and 1,200 square feet on the inside, with seven 60-inch plasma TVs, granite countertop full kitchen, and two bathrooms. The doublewide is also double tall, as it boasts an upstairs level that hydraulically rises from the rest of the unit. If that’s not enough room for Kutcher, then he can also extend the walls outward and really stretch out. The trailer is thoroughly decked out with leather couches and oak wood trim, and also features 360-degree, 24/7 video surveillance in case Bruce Willis gets a fit of jealousy.

The trailer is reported to cost $8,750 per week, with a flat-out purchase price of around $2 million. Keep in mind that Kutcher is making almost $1 million per episode, so he could take this thing home with him for about 45 minutes of work.

The new season of the sitcom premieres on September 19, for more information watching it like a true fan, check out the entire line of Anderson Mobile Estates.

Eric Meyers

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