$1 Million+ Danish Supercar
Zenvo ST-1

Photo Courtesy of Zenvo Automotive
This Danish treat, the Zenvo ST-1, is a handmade two-seat luxury supercar with an electronically controlled top speed of 233 mph. It also accelerates from zero to 60 mph in less than three seconds. It runs on a six-speed transmission with a 1,104-horsepower V8 engine that is both supercharged and turbo-powered. The vehicle has three separate driving modes a hydraulic ground clearance system that is adjustable from four and six inches off the ground.

There also is the Zenvo ST-1 50S model. Only three of those vehicles were made - a red, a white, and a blue model. This vehicle is a tad faster with its F1 seven-speed transmission and 1,250 horsepower, V8 engine. Only 15 Zenvo ST-1 vehicles will ever be built. The base price of the vehicle is more than $1.15 million (or 800,000 Euros)

The leathery interior is luxuriously supple. There is a telescopic racing steering wheel with manual tilt and electrical-power that enables a driver to find their personal driving zone. The dashboard of technology features a driver's information center that includes a navigation system and an expansive stereo with an MP3 hookup. There is even a G-force meter.

The Zenvo ST-1 weighs in at 3,033 pounds and is about 15.25 feet long and 6.7 seven feet wide. A carbon-fiber body and lightweight steel frame keep the car light on its 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels.

Denmark-based Zenvo Automotive has a concierge service package for its owners. The company will dispatch a service representative anywhere in the world. The cars contain an onboard diagnostic that enables the factory to check the car, reset systems, and upload new engine and transmission software. Visit to see more.

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