Neil Armstrong's 1967 Corvette Fetches Sky-High Bids

Neil Armstrong 1967 Corvette

Photo Courtesy of Autoweek
The first man to have ever stepped foot on the moon is setting sky-high records again with his 1967 Corvette, which is up for auction on eBay. Astronaut Neil Armstrong’s vehicle hasn’t been driven for almost thirty years but received closing bids on Thursday at nearly a quarter of a million dollars. The car has only had three owners and is still in possession of the original General Motors Protect-O-Plate as well as the 427 cubic-inch L36 V8 engine, both of which are considered very valuable for serious car collectors.

Paperwork which proves Armstrong’s ownership of the vehicle is also included. The vehicle is in serious need of restoration, with aftermarket fenders that have been removed and decades of built-up grime clouding its interior and exterior surfaces. The auction for Armstrong’s Corvette will end on May 6 and the closing bid of 249,990 dollars is still not enough to meet the reserve. Car enthusiasts and collectors alike are interested to see what the final price of the ’67 Vette, which has just 38, 148 miles on its odometer (and is no longer functional) will finally fetch.

Sara Cardoza

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