The Latest Luxury Car Videos

The automotive industry is pumping out videos at lightning speed and it can be difficult to keep up with them. Whether you are a car junkie, on the lookout for your next ride, or simply have a healthy respect for luxury cars, there is an inarguable entertainment factor that can suck you right in and leave you wanting more. So without further ado, a round-up of some of the latest auto vehicles that have caught our eye.

One of the latest videos released by BMW, It! the game showcases the first "petrol model of the BMW M Performance Automobiles." According to BMW Project Manager Christof Lishka, Lishka goes on to say "The target character of the BMW M Performance Automobiles is defined by agility, precision and emotion. This in itself is a perfect match for the BMW 1 Series. But it was also important to us to maintain full suitability for everyday use. " Regardless of whether you care which car the video is showcasing, a risky game of tag through a ship yard is fun to watch.

Last year, Johnnie Walker brought you "Inside the Circuit," which we followed with anticipation. The journey i snow continuing with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button as they travel all over the world to race on some of the most famous racetracks. Check out this trailer to see what is in store.

Australian jewelry designer Calleija has teamed up with Aston Martin to create a stunning line of jewelry. Calleija is an award-winning designer who has worked with the luxury car brand to create a one-of-a-kind collection of 77 pieces - a fitting number given the car that was meant to inspire the line is the One-77.

Chevrolet is saying that the new Corvette 427 Convertible is the most capable, fastest version yet. The car boasts 505 horsepower, 470 pounds of torque and a fittingly 427-cubic-inch engine. This machine will call on nostalgia for many Chevy fans, as this is the first time in 40 years the company has labeled a corvette with 427.


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