Ferrari FF Gets a Glass Roof and Our Vote For a Drive Through the Alps

ferrari ff

Photo Courtesy of Ferrari

Of all the vehicles unveiled this year at the Paris Motor Show, the Ferrari FF may not have been the most groundbreaking. In fact, with the carbon-fiber chassis of the Enzo supercar's successor presented alongside it, it may not have even been the most groundbreaking debut on the Ferrari stand. However, what you're looking at could be the most luxuriously decadent vehicle on display at the Porte de Versailles this year.

 ferrari ff

Ferrari spent a year and a half making the FF, having debuted it at the Geneva Motor Show last year. The FF represented a marked shift from the 612 Scaglietti it replaced. It has a four-seat shooting-brake body-style that makes it as versatile as a small station wagon, but with a 651-horsepower V12 is, of course, much faster. It also represents the first time Ferrari has made an all-wheel-drive vehicle, encompassing a new type of lightweight traction system developed specifically for the FF that only diverts power to the front wheels when it's really needed.

In other words, this may be the most versatile luxury car Ferrari has ever made. What's new about it, however, is its roof.

 ferrari ff

At the Paris salon Ferrari unveiled a new version of the FF with a panoramic glass roof that made its commodious cabin an airier, more luxurious place to be.

It also very well might be the perfect car for a drive through the Swiss Alps up to St. Moritz for a ski vacation, getting you there, no matter the road conditions, faster than just about any other car on the road, and letting you and your passengers enjoy the spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains all along the way. What could be more luxurious than that?

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