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How U.S. Presidents Ride In Style

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Rapper Xzibit once taught us how to properly ďpimpĒ our rides, however, how do the leaders of our country ride when they are not busy with their Commander-in-Chief duties? While it may be a rarity to see them not chauffeured in specialty equipped limousines, according to Forbes, many modern era presidents owned their own cars, or at least did before taking office. It seem that it general, the autos these great men drove are pretty telling of their personalities.

Our 27th President, William Taft, took office in 1909 and was our first motoring president, owing a Baker Electric. With a top speed of 14 mph it was far from an escape vehicle, however, this cruiser was truly high-tech for its time, as it not only ran on battery power but didnít require a hand crank to start.

John F. Kennedy (1961-1963) has always been considered to be quite the looker, and the same can be said for his 1961 Ford Thunderbird convertible. This stylish T-Bird sported a spear-like silhouette V8 engine, and was featured in Kennedyís inaugural parade.

It's said that Ronald Reaganís most prized personal car was his 1952 U.S. Army Jeep that was given to him by his wife Nancy to use at their California ranch. If this isnít the epitome of the tough guy car, then we donít know what is.

Current president Barack Obama (2009-) started out his first presidential campaign driving his urban Chrysler 300C sedan but soon traded it in for the eco-friendly and fuel-efficient Ford Escape Hybrid crossover SUV. Starting with William Taft and his first battery powered vehicle and ending with President Barack Obama and his hybrid car, it looks as if itís not just different fashion trends that make comebacks.
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