The Richard Petty Driving Experience Will Revive Your Childhood Dreams

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Photo Courtesy of Richard Petty Driving Experience
Many of us dreamed of being a race car driver when we were kids, only to have reality snap us out of the fantasy. Maybe the dream died long ago or maybe it's still lurking deep down inside, but most of us know it's a lost cause. However, now Richard Petty Driving Experience is here to revive that lost fantasy by offering their stock car drive and ride luxury entertainment services.
 Richard Petty Driving Experience
If you are over the age of 16 and have a valid driver’s license, then you are finally (under the watchful eye of Richard Petty employees) qualified to drive a race car. The program offers professional instruction to make you “drive faster…faster,” states RPDE President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Fedrizzi. Richard Petty Driving Experience
While the “lead/follow” technique was initially used, with the instructor leading in a separate car and then providing feedback afterwards, the new method takes backseat driving to the extreme. As you navigate those gradual loops at excessive speeds, there will be a professional instructor not only sitting next to you, but also whispering sweet educational nothings into your ear through your matching Stilo helmets with built-in two-way mics. Homestead/Miami Track
The Richard Petty Driving Experience is the only company of its kind with instant communication technology. This ensures that drivers-in-training never mess up that left turn. All 20 tracks that Richard Petty drivers practice on are expected to make the transition to in-car instruction by the end of 2012. Sessions start at $449. Richard Petty Driving Experience

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