Range Rover Goes Glam With Jewelry Collection by STRUT

STRUT accessories for 2013 Range Rover

Photo Courtesy of STRUT
For the discerning client who is accustomed to the affluent lifestyle, stock models will not suffice. Personalization is therefore key in the luxury automobile market as it reflects the owner's particular style - and the means to afford it. STRUT has just expanded the market for fine auto accessories with their new jewelry collection for the 2013 Range Rover. And like any woman knows, nothing sets off a look more than some dazzling jewelry.
 STRUT accessories for 2013 Range Rover
STRUT's hand-crafted accessories made from jewelry-grade stainless steel highlight the car's sleek exterior. Featuring grills and wheels, the collection comes in a variety of finishes like triple chrome, rose gold, black nickel, or carbon fiber. The primary grill features a diamond-woven mesh with Strut insignia, and optional LED lighting, and a distinctive design sets off the 22-inch ICON 5 RR forged mono block wheels, also featuring STRUT insets. Included in the line are two bumper fascia intakes, side vents, and a lift gate insignia. STRUT accessories for 2013 Range Rover
STRUT is an American company located in San Clemente, California, and their collection can be pre-ordered at Range Rover dealers throughout the U.S. Recognizing the need for customization, they make unique jewelry collections, wheels, and accessories for luxury automobiles like Bentley, Lamborghini, and Hummer. STRUT's customization will be available in high-end automobile dealerships and boutiques.

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