Finally, Valet Service Now Goes Wherever You Go With New ZIRX App

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Unless you have a private driver taking you around 24/7, you’ve probably had to deal with finding a parking spot at some point—which is pretty stressful if you have a pressing engagement to attend. Valet isn’t offered as often as we would like, and while there are designated lots and garages that you can pay for, they aren’t exactly ideal for when you want to simply pull up to your destination and be done with it. Plus, some are just downright shady. In keeping with society’s need for an on-demand lifestyle, ZIRX is here to make your life a lot easier by bringing valet to you

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If you have ever used Uber, this will all make sense to you since the design is very similar. ZIRX is an on-demand valet service that enables the user to select on a map where and when they would like their car picked up. After fetching your auto, the ZIRX agent will park it in a secure garage with 24/7 surveillance until you request its return at a specified location. If desired, the agent will even put gas in your car (or charge it if it’s an electric model), change the oil, give it a wash, clean the interior, and rotate the tires. 

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The idea of handing your car off to a stranger is pretty nerve-wracking, but ZIRX offers comprehensive insurance for up to $2 million (half covers your automobile and half covers the agent), which safeguards your property the entire time it’s out of your hands—even if you leave it with them for a month. Employees of ZIRX have to pass rigorous background checks and the company ensures they have a zero-tolerance policy for a record that’s anything less than perfect. Plus, like other services, you will see your agent’s name and photo after requesting a pick-up, so you’ll know exactly who you’re meeting. Both parties also have to enter a security pin number to ensure identification. 

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Founded just last year in San Francisco, ZIRX is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t take much time to figure out. The map is simple to navigate, allowing you to see which areas in your city are currently covered. The company has expanded rather quickly for being so new and is already available in Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, and most recently, San Diego. As they roll out into new cities, they offer slightly limited hours at first (like weekdays only), but quickly add more coverage as their numbers grow. As of publication, most cities cover weekdays from around 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. on weekends, but Sundays aren’t yet offered in San Diego and Washington. Check with their website or your app to make sure you know the hours in your city. 

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A monthly pass costs $299, which includes free overnight parking and roughly amounts to $10 a day—more than worth it when considering the time put into finding parking and the average daily parking rates of $25 in many cities. If you simply want to try it out before committing to an entire month, the on-demand valet fee is $15 (plus whatever à la carte services you may choose). 

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