BMW Z4: Elegant and Stylish

Luxury Cars: The world of luxury automobiles is a combination of sophisticated art mixed with elegant functionality. For years there have been a few car manufacturers that can truly state that they produce some of the world's finest and most luxurious automobiles. This is especially true for BMW. After all, a company whose motto is "the ultimate driving machine" must be pretty confident in their products. Since its founding in 1916, BMW has proven itself time and time again that it produces the best cars around and prides itself on their world renowned German engineering.

For its new 2009 lineup, BMW has constructed a new Z4 Roadster and coupe. The new 2009 BMW Z4 will feature a longer, more aggressive body, a beefed up naturally aspirated I6 engine with a twin-turbo charged version available, an optional 7 speed double-clutch transmission along with an upgraded multi-link suspension more advanced than the original Z3's semi-trailing arm suspension. The new 2009 Z4 will be the first BMW roadster to utilize the acclaimed iDrive, BMW's interactive computer system that allows users to control everything from air conditioning and audio systems, to GPS navigation.

The new 2009 Z4 roadster features a retractable hardtop fabricated from a two-piece lightweight aluminum that retracts in 20 seconds. The brilliance of the retractable hardtop gives the Z4 roadster that classic coupe profile when the top is fully up and when down, the only barrier for the driver and passenger is the sky above.

The interior of the new BMW roadster has been completely redesigned with the focusing concept of both functionality and optical appeal. Inspired by the tradition of the celebrated BMW 315/1 and 328 Mile Miglia, the new Z4 interior exhibits the finest materials that convey a sense of exclusivity. A captivating feeling that is first seen and then touched will have car enthusiasts mesmerized.

The new 2009 BMW Z4 continues it's heritage of improving on the past. As the second generation Z4 and third generation Z model, the new Z4 promises to be the quintessential Bimmer roadster. With a longer body, more advanced suspension, larger interior cabin, and more aggressive design, the new Z4 has once again improved upon itself. With all this plus a more powerful engine, the new 2009 BMW Z4 roadster and coupe has a little something extra for everyone.

Always know for their elegantly stylish roadsters, BMW has proven once again why they are "the ultimate driving machine." From its humble beginnings as an aircraft engine builder to the present, when BMW reins as one of the world's most prominent luxury automobile producers, it has stood the test of time. Now with the production of the new 2009 Z4 roadster BMW will prove once again why it is the ultimate driving machine. BMW consistently out does itself because, after all, when you produce the ultimate driving machine your only competition is yourself. The new 2009 BMW Z4 is the ultimate driving machine.

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