Aston Martin Rapide Debuts the New Four-Door Model

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Aston Martin Rapide Debuts the new four-door
Aston Martin Rapide Debuts New Four-Door Model
Aston Martin is world-renowned for creating cars that exude superiority and radiate sex appeal. Always at the forefront of contemporary design, the brand represents where automotive aesthetic is headed, reflected both on the cars' smooth exterior and their lavish interiors.
But this month, September 2009, Aston Martin is gearing up to completely change the luxury automotive industry with perhaps the most eagerly anticipated car of the year: the Aston Martin Rapide.

If you have ever been in the presence, or even more thrilling -- in one of the seats, of an Aston Martin, you know just how dramatic and breathtaking they are. From their sensual curves, broadly shouldered rears and wide, charismatic grills; everything about an Aston Martin is balanced to perfection.
The Rapide furthers the brand's commitment to power, while retaining grace and poise. As the first true four-door production sports car from Aston Martin, there are high expectations for the car, but the brand isn't afraid of aiming high: "We wanted to make the most beautiful four-door sports car in the world," said Aston Martin's Director of Design Marek Reichman when the concept was first shown three years ago.
On the outside, the Rapide has all the telltale signs of Aston Martin's unflinching design standards: the iconic side strake is extended to run through the front doors before blending into the rear door, the low roofline, part of the distinctive Aston Martin silhouette, and the unique "swan wing" door design; all lending a striking dynamic to the Rapide's stance.

Its elegant, flowing proportions are, as always, those that are integral to Aston Martin's renowned style. Their unique, VH (Vertical/Horizontal) architecture allows for exceptional manufacturing flexibility. The high-strength, low-mass architecture is implemented in all Aston Martins of the current generation, beginning with the DB9 Coupé and flanked by the DB9 Volante and the Vantage.

Aston Martin has achieved exceptional design quality and executed their finesse for hand-finishing and attention to detail flawlessly, apparent in the Rapide's arresting exterior. But the interior is where this eagerly awaited car really strays from the beaten path.

Your first point of contact with the car is the trademark glass starter button, which brings the car to life at the touch of your finger. You are surrounded by the leather-swathed interior, with custom-embossed shagreen hide specially sourced for the Rapide.The transparent polycarbonate roof opens the passengers' awareness beyond the car to the outside while dual climate zones create personal atmospheres inside. Finally, capping off the elegant dashboard is the clock done by existing partners, and experts in luxury craftsmanship themselves, Jaeger-LeCoultre.

As original manufacturers of dials in Aston Martins as far back as the 1929 1.5 Litre First Series, Jaeger-LeCoultre has a long and dedicated history with Aston Martin, further proving the brand's devotion to creating an all-inclusive luxury experience for both driver and passengers.

Guests at the Frankfurt Auto Show will get the opportunity to lay their eyes on the Rapide for the first time it is displayed to the public on September 15th. The first cars will not be delivered to customers until early 2010, so those lucky enough to order a car will have to hold out just a little longer.

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