Mega Yacht Designer Theodoros Fotiadis Reveals YP Princess Renee Concept

Mega Yacht designer Theodoros Fotiadis is creating waves with the unveiling of his YP Princess Renee Concept. Both magnificent and seaworthy, the master crafted beauty will utilize energy and eco-friendly ideologies for this the first in a line of sustainable and superior vessels.

It's designed around a Zen philosophy and will make the owner and selected visitors feel like he/she has been transported into another world. Theodoros' designs blend the epitome of luxury with sleek, modern designs. We caught up with the designer at his home in Greece.

Kimberly Fisher: How did you get started designing Mega Yachts?
Theodoros Fotiadis: Since I am driven by feeling and not numbers I cannot say that I went straight to my drafting board and PC to get a design equal to all others. Emotion is what guides me and what I do is to give form into feelings and ideas, solid ideas as I say. So to get the idea was the hard get it done was easy.

KF: How long did it take to design the Princess Renee Concept?
Fotiadis: The project started on February 2008 and was released on June 2010.

KF: What inspires you?
Fotiadis: I am inspired by nature and power, feelings and emotions. When I design I make something surreal and then I am working on it to make it functionable and doable.

KF: Being a yacht designer requires you to be one part visionary, one part artist, one part architect. Which of these do you side with the most?
Fotiadis: I would say that I try to keep the balance between all those. I give 50 percent to vision and art and 50 percent to architecture. It has to be beautiful and inspired but also has to perform.

Princess Renee preliminary specifications:
L.O.A: 170 meters/557.7 feet
Beam: 25 meters/82 feet
Number of decks: 8 (5 hull decks+3 superstructure decks)
Master berth: 1
Guest rooms: 20 VIP+40
Crew cabins: 80
Top Speed: 40-50 knots
Amenities: Gym, entertainment room, ballroom, spa (complete with massage tables, jacuzzi, meditation room), wine cellar, cigar humidor, salon, enclosed swimming pool, fine art gallery, library, convention room, internet room, lounge, helipad, security center, and cleaning facilities.


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