Wally//One Yacht Debuts at Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes

Photo Courtesy of Wally
Motor and sailing yacht manufacturer Wally recently presented its latest flagship model, the Wally//One, at the Festival de la Plaisance, in Cannes, which ran from September 6-11, 2011.   

Increasing overall value is the luxury boat builder’s mission in delivering its latest model. Although the Wally//One is smaller and more affordable, it also offers more space for sunning and lounging and larger cabins for guests. The new luxury yacht is a tad shorter and narrower than its predecessor, the Wally//Tender. It is approximately 43 feet in length and has a beam around 11.5 feet.

"In Wally//One we wanted to give people a boat that was fun to use as a day boat while still being practical as a tender. We have made smarter use of the deck and cabin spaces and included more luxuries — wonderful details that make it a great place to relax and entertain — at the same time as making it more economical and more maneuverable," said Luca Bassani Antivari, founder and president at Wally, in a prepared statement. 

Better performance and improved fuel efficiency also were key points in its development. A unique hull design with a deep vertical bow and innovative lines that "pierce the waves" is credited for delivering the Wally//One’s steady, smooth riding capability. The new design of the bow optimizes performance, as the sporty-looking yacht has a top speed of 47 knots. That power comes from two 370-horspower, V8 turbo-powered engines by Yanmar. Slightly smaller twin, V8 turbo-powered engines (315 horsepower) by Yanmar also are available.

The seating at the helm and the deck has been upgraded with the usage of carbon-fiber materials that reduces vibration from the powerful engines. There is more room to roam on the Wally//One, as deck space has been added to both the forward and the aft. Wally//One is priced in accordance to the size of the engine selected. The 370-horsepower model lists at €620,000; the 315-horsepower version is priced at €580,000.

Wally is the only yacht builder to be a two-time winner of the highly regarded Compasso d’Oro awards for quality and design. The association is heralded for recognizing excellence in design in various industries. For more information on Wally//One, visit,

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