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Roman Abramovich Brings World's Largest Yacht to NYC

Feb. 22nd, 2013 | Comments 7 | Make a Comment   
World's Largest Yacht
Photo Credit martinvarsavsky | Flickr

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has brought Eclipse, the worldís largest private luxury yacht, to New York City for the first time, ever where it will reportedly remain docked for over a month. Over the weekend the oligarch, who is worth $12 billion, docked the $800 million, 557-foot vessel in Midtown Manhattan in a berth usually occupied by a cruise ship where it has attracted hordes of onlookers. A spokesman for Abramovich refused to comment on the reasons for Eclipseís unexpected arrival, but insiders have speculated that it has something to do with his pregnant girlfriend Dasha Zhukova, who is expecting the coupleís first child in the spring and may be seeking medical attention in the world capital.†

CNBC reports that Abramovich is most likely using the yacht as an alternative to a hotel or private residence as it offers more room for his numerous security staff and entourage. As we've reported in the past, Eclipse also has many protective features such as a missile defense system, armor plating, bullet-proof windows and a laser shield system designed to deter paparazzi. The yacht also has a submarine, discotheque, private cinema, two swimming pools and two helipads. It carries a crew of 80 and can accommodate 62 guests. After docking in St. Bartís over New Yearís where Abramovich maintains a lavish estate, Eclipse journeyed to Bermuda before arriving in New York.†

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Diddlebop commented on May 21, 2013

just DRUTHERS but if I had a yacht that big I'd rather have USS Fletcher without the guns .. 325 feet, 30 knots, water tight all the way around. Electronics galore. REALITY check: Fletcher was not a boat .. it was a ship.

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Ron Dayan, MBID commented on May 9, 2013

Sorry Roman. You've been eclipsed. A new yacht launched by a German luxury boat builder, is now the largest motor yacht in the world. At 590 feet long, it has officially bumped Roman Abramovich's yacht- the 536-foot Eclipse - from its number one ranking. And one can be made for you, for a modest sum of $600 million. Now, I will personally help you with the interior design & decoration.

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Dave commented on March 5, 2013


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CoLoR349 commented on March 2, 2013

One word---INCREDIBLE.

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mary commented on March 1, 2013

I have beautiful pictures of it that i took myself.

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mary commented on March 1, 2013

I saw this yaght when i was in St Martin last year in February. It parked right in front of the sunset for the week and people were not too happy. It truly is beautiful.

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art FABRY commented on February 25, 2013


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