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Fly This Boat Right Over the Water: Meet the wFoil Albatross

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flying boat wfoil
Photos Courtesy of wFoil
The wFoil 18 Albatross hydro foil may make some think of a WWI aircraft ? with its simplified resemblance to a biplane ? but the similarities don't just stop with the aesthetic, because this innovative watercraft actually flies over the water. More than a boat, the wFoil uses its hydrofoils to soar above the water in much the same way a plane uses its wings, giving you the option of bypassing rough waters by speeding over them.

Not only is it cool, the company promises that it's pretty fast and can reach speeds up to 90 miles per hour.
 flying boat wfoil

This unique vessel gives you two options, you can either use the detachable engine to jet across the water or add the sail to making it into a sail boat switching between the two takes around ten minutes. Able to seat two, the wFoil 18 has a hull made from mountain spruce wood strips that were mounted onto the aircraft plywood frame. The company promises that the hydro foils (which function by creating lift underwater through generating different pressure conditions above and below it) are made from carbon composites that ensure top speeds by keeping drag consistent throughout the entire speed range.
 flying boat wfoil

Another great perk of the wFoil 18 is that it's pretty eco-friendly. By using hydro foils the vessel is able to cut down on fuel consumption, testing at around two gallons of fuel an hour to keep the boat moving at around 46 miles per hour.

Prices aren't yet released as the company is self-funded but if you're interesting in taking part of the project, wFoil is looking for some investors to help out (which will get you one of the 12 upgraded prototypes for their upcoming wFoil Albatross ZERO vessels). Once they get the investors they need, wFoil plans on kicking production into high gear and start availability at 20 boats per year.
 flying boat wfoil

 flying boat wfoil

 flying boat wfoil

flying boat wfoil

flying boat wfoil

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