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Buy This Speed Boat On Wheels For the Easiest Fishing Day Ever

sealegs water land boat

Photos Courtesy of Sealegs
Buying a Father's Day gift can be a pretty difficult task, especially if your dad is the type who already has everything. For dads who love being out on the water and have been looking for a cool new luxury boat, you may want to get him a Sealegs vessel. Designed to ease the transition between land and sea, a Sealegs boat features retractable wheels that allow you to drive right into the water ? giving your dad the easiest fishing day he's ever had.

With two factories in Auckland's North Shore (as well as offices in France and USA), Sealegs promises that any owner will take advantage of their wheeled boats "up to five times more often than with other traditional, cumbersome boats."
 sealegs water land boat
Without having to bother with docking or messing with trailers, Sealegs definitely makes transitioning into water a snap. The motorized wheels allow for a forward/reverse speed of around 6.2 mph, which is made possible with the onboard "24hp Honda driven hydraulic power-pack." After you drive into the water the wheels retract upwards to sit above the water line, allowing you to drive the power boat just as you would any other.  sealegs water land boat
Sealegs sells four different models, each one designed for varying levels of intensity. The 20.1-foot-long 6.1M D-Tube is meant for a more rugged and demanding fishing environment. With a beam width of 7.8 feet and a cruising top speed of 40 mph (in water of course), the D-Tube has a 21 gallon fuel tank and seating for three adults, as well as stainless steel ski hoop with four fishing rod holders. The vessel also has storage space in the seat locker, outboard well lockers, and three deck lockers. There are plenty of additional options, including a bait board for cleaning fish, a Lowrance HDS-7 for finding fish with sonar and GPS, and canopy cover choices.  sealegs water land boat
The 6.1M RIB (which seats four and has a length of 20.1 feet) is great for leisurely fishing, waterskiing and diving, while the 7.1 RIB (which is 23.5 feet long and fits eight people) gives some extra space for family outings. The 25.5-foot-long Recreation 7.7M CABIN is the biggest of the line, with a beam width of 8.7 feet. It has a top water speed of 42 mph and has two "pedestal seats with gas strut suspension," two queen seats, twin seats in the rear and a cabin bench seat.  sealegs water land boat
Not just built for joyriding, Sealegs are also used as professional vessels and are employed by fire departments all over the world as "all-terrain rescue vehicles in the wake of floods, hurricanes and tornadoes."

Prices start at $150,000.  sealegs water land boat
 sealegs water land boat
 sealegs water land boat
 sealegs water land boat
 sealegs water land boat
 sealegs water land boat

Mila Pantovich

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