This Beautiful Floating House Blows Traditional Houseboats Out of the Water

floating house Myitr Malcew H2ORIZON

Photos Courtesy of Myitr Malcew

Ever since I was a little kid I've dreamt about living on a houseboat, never answering to anyone, and letting the current rock me to sleep. As an adult, the idea of living on water is just as appealing, but the image of a houseboat has lost a little of its romanticism. That is, until I saw the Floating House designed by Singapore-based Myitr Malcew for French developer H2ORIZON.

floating house Myitr Malcew H2ORIZON

Exactly what its name implies, this floating oasis can be transported to wherever you wish — on sea of course. You can dock it at a pier, or simply settle in the Great Barrier Reef. According to Malcew, this beautiful home (which H2ORIZON calls the H2OUSEBOAT) was "designed for people who appreciate freedom and nature at their doorstep."

floating house Myitr Malcew H2ORIZON

With two bedrooms and bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen with a bar, the entire home is encircled by a terrace, giving you unobstructed views no matter where you are. Most of the walls are glass, but if you want a little privacy, there are wood panels that slide shut. There are also moveable claustras (a type of trellis) that can be used to block prying eyes.

floating house Myitr Malcew H2ORIZON

If you love the idea, but aren't too thrilled with the layout, the designer promises that "the internal arrangement of the house — including size, program, materials and finishes — can be customized depending on client needs." As gorgeous as this residence is, I really wouldn't recommend it for sleepwalkers.

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