NISI's First Multi-Hulled XPRESSO Class Yacht Sold

nisi xpresso yacht multi-hulled

Photos Courtesy of NISI

Luxury yacht manufacturer NISI has recently sold the first of their new 50-foot XPRESSO Class ships, which before now was just a concept. The fifth model in the brand's collection, the XPRESSO marks an interesting departure from NISI's previous offerings, because this one was designed with two hulls.

nisi xpresso yacht multi-hulled

By combining elements of luxury yachts with a multi-hull, NISI is hoping to appeal to stylish and social boat owners. The aesthetic of the XPRESSO alone is unique enough, but after you add the functionality of a two hulled ship that allows for the cutting speed and agility of a catamaran, the vessel offers everything monohull owners have come to expect from luxury yachts. It's spacious, comfortable, quick and is reported to handle like a dream between 30 and 40 knots.

nisi xpresso yacht multi-hulled

Designed and engineered by the NISI Yachts team, in collaboration with Setzer Yacht Architects, the yacht offers an incredible amount of deck space and areas for social interaction. Likewise, the dual hulls should offer passengers more stability to make shipboard gatherings less rolling than those on traditional yachts.

nisi xpresso yacht multi-hulled

No word yet on how much the ship costs, but it will be interesting to see how the first order for the XPRESSO Class pans out and whether or not multiple-hulled yachts become more of a trend in daytrip boating. 

nisi xpresso yacht multi-hullednisi xpresso yacht multi-hulled

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