Feb. 28th, 2014

Nimue 490: The Aquatic Day Cruiser That Actually Bends With the Curves

Nimue 490 day cruiser
Photos Courtesy of Timon Sager

When looking at the Nimue 490, you may assume that the tadpole-like day cruiser is designed with the tail in the back, but actually that's the front. The exaggerated front helps this luxury boat to cut through water quicker and more efficiently. Even cooler? The nose actually curves

Designed by Timon Sager, the motor boat was meant to look similar to his previous Bairim vessel — which also had a very aquatic shape — but the bendable nose is what really sets them apart. Thanks to three different points of flexibility, the front makes turning at high speeds much easier and quicker. 

Nimue 490 day cruiser

The nose isn't the only interesting part though. The sleek cruiser has a windscreen that extends all the way to the back, which makes it look like you're encased in a pod. There are also pull-out panels built within that you can pull out to protect you from the elements.

It may look small, but the Nimue can actually hold one to eight people in its 49.05-foot-long body. Plus, it can reach speeds up to 42 knots (which is around 48mph) and has a range of 1,367 miles. So far, it's just a concept, but we can't wait to see the real deal.

Nimue 490 day cruiser
Nimue 490 day cruiser
Nimue 490 day cruiser
Nimue 490 day cruiser
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