Foldable Kaira Ice Yacht to Be Tested Out at Baikal Ice Racing Competition

Kaira, modern ice yacht

Photos Courtesy of Anna Khitrova

If you happen to be taking part in the Baikal Ice Racing competition in April, you may just spot this awesome design from Anna Khitrova. Named Kaira, this modern ice yacht was inspired by traditional ice boats—which are always wind powered and need clean, snow-free ice to sail upon. 

Kaira, modern ice yacht

"This modern ice yacht is made of a steel stave the entire length of the boat, in which the mast is stepped, and a runner-plank upon which it rests at right angles, the two forming a kite-shaped frame. Three steel skates, or runners, are attached on the edges and the back one can be turned by the tiller. The sportsman sits upon the mast and can control the rope netting to increase or decrease the speed provided by canvas," says the designer on Bēhance.

She also revealed that the compact design is actually foldable, which is even cooler. No word on whether or not this will be put into production, but we can see it becoming a hit out on the frozen lakes. 

Kaira, modern ice yachtKaira, modern ice yacht

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