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Palmer Johnson Unveils Golden 48M SuperSport Yacht in Sturgeon Bay

Palmer Johnson Yachts 48m supersport yacht

Photos Courtesy of Palmer Johnson Yachts

Gold makes everything better, right? That's what Palmer Johnson Yachts is counting on for their 48M SuperSport that was spotted cruising in the Sturgeon Bay shipping channel earlier this week. Sure, the luxury yacht looks like it is a spaceship or military craft from some angles, but in terms of design, it's actually pretty cool. 

Palmer Johnson Yachts 48m supersport yacht

According to Fox 11, the vessel is the first of its kind, with the hull and superstructure made from carbon composite to help reduce the overall weight. “Basically it helps us reduce the structural weight by two thirds. So it’s a third of what a conventional hull would weigh. So that helps us reduce the power needed to push it through the water,” says Berkeley March, Palmer Johnson Yachts Head of Design. Thanks to its lightness, the golden yacht is able to hit 32 knots (around 36 mph). It also has enough room for 12 passengers and nine crew across its three decks.

Though the company is keeping pretty hush hush about the 48M SuperSport's price tag, they will say that the cost is in the tens of millions of dollars.

Palmer Johnson Yachts 48m supersport yachtPalmer Johnson Yachts 48m supersport yachtPalmer Johnson Yachts 48m supersport yachtPalmer Johnson Yachts 48m supersport yacht

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