Mar. 1st, 2010

$6-Million Argos Yacht with Plane on Deck

Luxury Yachts: Holy luxury toys! By sea and by air, what compares to this deluxe pairing? Take a 92-foot Argos Gulfstream superyacht and put a four-seat Sportsman aircraft on its more than 800 square feet of deck space and watch all swell break loose. Imagine the course for adventure one could plot on this VIP excursion.

The split-level sundeck and sprawling deck space of the Argos is large enough to accommodate a splashing party of 50. While the Sportsman is small as planes go, it is big on performance. It carries two adults plus 300 pounds of cargo with a top cruising speed of 186 mph. It can travel 600 miles in four hours with room to spare, according to Glasair, the manufacturer. The firm has sold more than 3,000 of the Sportsman four-seater kits.

The dynamic luxury duo was spotted cruising off together from the recent Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show.
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