Luxury Homes From Energy Efficient Architect David Jameson

Photo Courtesy of David Jameson
Architect David Jameson designs luxury homes that are meant to fit in seamlessly and organically with their surroundings, while employing unique environmental techniques. The Glenbrook Residence in Maryland is immediately recognized by its towering stone walls situated amongst a brook and lush trees. The unique design is supported by the building's connected structures which allow it to be divided spatially in order to create interesting public and private spaces. The entire home is built around an earth concept and the materials and shapes used throughout the piece were chosen to support that organic intent.

The house has a powerful wing-like design that supports the surrounding courtyards, upper roof canopies, and the interesting living space that rests between. Above each wing is a folding roof canopy that hides nothing, exposing all six sides to view. Beneath these canopies, glass creates an illusion of suspension, blurring the line between outside and inside. Each element, even the specifically chosen home furnishings, of the Glenbrook Residence is meant to free the resident from the rigid confines of standard homes, allowing them to feel at ease and welcome in their environment.
The entire home is created with the environment in mind and employs state-of-the-art technology. A spring fed geothermal system heats and cools the home, while any unused water is redirected to an irrigation system or returned directly back to the brook. The large roof overhangs provide much-needed shade to better cool the home and closed cell foam insulation within the walls, floors, and roof help to control moisture and incoming sounds. Air quality within the home is improved through the use of an energy recovery ventilator system which removes all carbon dioxide from the home. It even employs the use of radiant floor heating to control and minimize dust.

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