Lady Gaga Looks To Buy Gianni Versace's Former Milan Apartment
Lady Gaga has a love for all things Italian, from becoming buddies with Italian designer Donatella Versace to rumors of hunting for Italian sperm donors. The latest rumor is that the headline-making performer is looking for a bit of Italian real estate to call home. To be exact, Gaga is reportedly looking to purchase a place near 12 Via Gesu, an apartment inside which Gianni Versace lived and worked out of. Italian magazine Di Tutto is speculating that Gaga will take advantage of her neighborly proximity to Donatella and continue collaboration on an Italian take on “Haus of Gaga” – the performance art focused creative group responsible for Gaga’s attention-grabbing and often, controversial styles. Let’s hope she stays away from meat dresses… though, with the Italian love for food, who’s to say what type of edible wear she’ll be sporting next (Marinara war-paint anyone?)

While she no longer goes by surname, “Germanotta,” Lady Gaga seems to be proudly seeking out her Italian heritage. An Italian wedding to model boyfriend Taylor Kinney, possible spermination, as well as semi-permanent residency for the pop star may be in her near future.