San Francisco Hosts The Biggest Chinese New Year Festival Outside of Asia
San Francisco is a city of festivals, from art to gay pride the residents of San Francisco are as colorful as the parties they throw. However, one of the most vibrant San Francisco events continues to be Chinese New Year. A two week spring festival in China, the tradition has been celebrated by the Chinese for over 5,000 years. The city of San Francisco decided to make the holiday their own in 1860 during the age of the Gold Rush, and it has since become the largest Asian event in North America. ChinaDaily ranked San Francisco as having the fourth top Chinatown in which to celebrate the Chinese New Year, although I am sure many would disagree considering the length and size of San Francisco’s celebrations. From mid-January until the end of February the city will be celebrating the Year of the Snake with everything from fairs and parades to art gallery openings and a Miss Chinatown Pageant. Take a look below to see some of the incredible events taking place in San Fran this year.