Adventurous Summer: Limelight Hotel Aspen

The Limelight Hotel in Aspen is gearing up for an adventurous summer filled with wildflowers, mountain vistas and vibrant culture from two very unique mountain towns: Aspen and Crested Butte. Travelers can enjoy a stunning 6-hour, 11 mile-hike through the mountains connecting the two towns, which by road is more than 100 miles apart.
Because Limelight Hotel guests are often aspiring mountaineers and avid adventurers, the hotel is delighted to introduce them to a new way to explore the local mountains with the new Aspen-Crested Butte Package.
The Aspen-Crested Butte Package involves two nights at The Limelight Hotel in Aspen. The property will then provide a private shuttle to the trailhead on the White River National Forest, as well as an assortment of local and organic snacks for the journey. The hotel will also provide a map for the 11 mile hike and a Spot Satellite GPS Messenger, which allows hikers to track their progress on the trail and, if necessary, send distress signals as cell phones do not work on any portion of the hike.
Once hikers reach Crested Butte, private transportation will greet them at the trailhead to whisk them to their accommodations at the newly remodeled Nordic Inn. The property is a nostalgic piece of history in this hip mountain town, known for its array of outdoor adventures and fantastic dining options.
After spending two nights in Crested Butte, guests have their choice of options for returning to Aspen:

  • An A-Star Eurocopter flight over the mountains. The helicopter picks up guests directly from the helipad at the Nordic Inn. This flight can be extended to allow for additional sightseeing and exploration.
  • A Cessna Caravan flight over the mountains. Guests must take a shuttle to the nearby Gunnison County Airport to access the plane. This flight may also be extended to allow for additional sightseeing and exploration.
  • Ground transportation on the beautiful, roughly three hour drive to Aspen. 

“The hike between Aspen and Crested Butte is through one of the most spectacular areas in all of Colorado, reaching 12,500 feet,” said avid hiker and Limelight Hotel General Manager Richard Stettner. “Locals like to call the experience ‘Credit Card Camping’ because hotels are available at both ends of this beautiful hike, but sometimes visitors are wary of attempting the experience. We’re aiming to change that.”
Pricing for this experience starts at $4,679 for the helicopter; $2,994 for the Cessna; and $1,440 for the shuttle. Rates include two nights lodging in both Aspen and Crested Butte, shuttle fees, Whole Foods snack bag and use of GPS. Expanded continental breakfasts are offered at both The Limelight Hotel and The Nordic Inn.
To book this experience, call 970-925-3025 or 1-800-433-0832.

Price From: $1,440