RFID Blocking Bantam Wallet

Are you starting to get a little nervous about all of the RFID theft occurring around the world. You probably have credit cards in your wallet right now with RFID that can be intercepted in stores or by thieves. The Bantam Wallet for James Watson solves this issue instantly.

The Bantam Wallet is a thin leather wallet that clips around all of your RFID enabled cards and blocks the signal. All of that high-tech RFID scanning equipment in stores and in the hands of identity theft just became useless. The built in shields prevent the RFID signal from escaping your wallet or pants pocket giving you added security.

The wallet is small and think enough to slide into your regular wallet to protect all of your cards without adding excess bulk to your pocket. How much value would you place on protecting your RFID enabled cards?

Imagine the cost of someone stealing your information. The tiny cost of protecting your cards can reduce the odds of identity theft, and besides, the Bantam Wallet looks great.

Price: $51