Stylish Retro Sunglasses Are Making A Statement This Summer
For a bit of retro glamour without having to throwback to your mother’s disco handbags, Barton Perreira has a little something for you. Their Ronette Cat-Eye sunglasses are fun and sleek, adding a bit more personality than sun protection can normally give. Oversized frames and gradient lenses give a kick of modernity to the retro style without looking like the same overdone bug-eyed shades. Handmade in Japan, the frames come in several different colors to coordinate with any wardrobe (though nothing beats the woodsy look of horn brushed gold): black magic brushed silver, panish cedar brushed gold, black brushed gold, wailing sol brushed rose gold, heroine chic brushed gold, and horn brushed gold. Each frame is made in limited quantities to make them that much more of a statement piece.

Barton Perreira Ronette Cat-Eye sunglasses are available online and at select retailers worldwide. Priced at $510.