These Touchscreen Gloves Allow You to Use Your Phone—And Look Good

When it’s cold outside there’s nothing we love better than a pair of warm gloves to keep our little fingers toasty, but all of that pleasant comfort comes crashing down the second we need to use our iPhone. Touchscreens and gloves are not very friendly with each other— and there are times when the idea of pulling off your gloves to text your friend just isn’t worth it. They’ll eventually find you in that sea of Christmas shoppers, right? Sure, we saw some touchscreen gloves while browsing SkyMall on our last flight, but aside from having ridiculous bubble rubber grips (and being quite hideous) they weren’t really nice.  Is it too much to ask to stay stylish, warm and use a phone? Dutch brand Mujjo doesn’t think so. Designing gloves from Ethiopian lambskin, Egyptian cotton and cashmere, their leather crochet touchscreen gloves are functional and actually look good. Using nanotechnology, the material of the gloves mimics the properties of human skin effectively allowing your touchscreen to respond appropriately. While most touchscreen gloves restrict movement, these allow for a full range of motion so you can grip your Starbucks in one hand and phone in the other. We know they’re not the sleekest gloves out there, but if you want to actually use your phone this winter, they're one of the best.

€89.95 (Approx. $123)

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