Reinast's Luxury Titanium Toothbrush Is Not As Ridiculous As It Sounds

Okay, leaving all pretenses at the door, a luxury toothbrush might sound pretty, well, ridiculous. But once we got past how silly it seemed we were suddenly surprised by the benefits, and beauty, of such a unique piece. Reinast has released a new toothbrush that innovates dental care through the use of titanium—blurring the lines between and function and art. Known for finding the beauty in even the most everyday object, Reinast designed the brush to be both timeless in design and elegant in beauty, and comes in one of four finishes. Made in Germany, the brush is crafted from one piece of solid titanim, used for both its luxurious aesthetics and antibacterial properties. The brush head is replaceable of course, and an extra antibacterical coating is placed around the attachable head to keep the area as hygienic as possible—which is way more than we can say for any plastic Sonicare toothbrush that spends it days gathering heaven-knows-what in our medicine cabinets. So while it might seem absurd at first, you can't really put a price on your (oral) health.

€3,200 (approx. $4,440)

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