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Rich Moms Cut Disney World Lines by Hiring Handicapped Tour Guides

cinderella's castle at disney world Ahh, Walt Disney World—a magical place where fairytales come to life; families spend quality time together; and well-off Manhattan moms cheat the system so their young children don’t have to wait in long lines. According to the, a group of wealthy mothers hired ‘black-market tour guides’ who are handicapped so their children can cut to the front of the lines. This insider info has been passed around from mom to mom among the private school sector in NYC and many have been taking advantage, especially with how low the rates are. Dream Tours Florida is the company one mom claimed to have used, which charges $130 per hour and $1,040 for an eight-hour day, compared to Disney Tours’ VIP guide and fast passes from $310-380 an hour. So while money doesn't seem to be an issue, the same can't exactly be said for good parenting and morals.
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Chinese Consumers Shift View on Luxury Goods

China is seeing a noticeable change in the way its consumers perceive, and most importantly purchase, luxury goods in just the past couple years. Back in 2011, the country’s luxury market grew 30 percent in contrast to the mere seven percent in 2012, according to Bain & Company via Red Luxury. Where Chinese buyers were perhaps frivolously spending on high-end items, purchasing one-fourth of the world’s luxury goods in 2012, they now appear to be thinking much more realistically about quality and function, and not merely the label. With saturation possibly to blame, major luxury brands have been compelled to bring back an experience to their clientele. Instead of opening more storefronts, brands are moving toward providing memorable customer service and exclusive products that can't be found at every location.
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Should Passengers Pay by the Pound for Airfare?

passengers on plane Weigh in on this one. Since the cost of a first-class ticket already ensures that high-end customers pay a premium for their space at the front of the aircraft, it is unlikely that passengers flying first class would ever be charged by the pound...
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Moods, Metrics & Mindsets: 2013 Trends From Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America

American express Luxury Summit “2013 is and will be, a big spend year,” Dr. Jim Taylor, Vice Chairman, The Harrison Group, and main author of the 2013 Survey Of Affluence And Wealth In America, presented at the American Express Publishing Luxury Summit this week. “How can we...
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Qatar's Growing Stake in the Luxury Industry

Doha, Qatar Harrods, LVMH, Porsche, Tiffany & Co and some of Europe’s leading luxury hotels, we take a look at the extent of Qatar’s Investment Authority involvement in the luxury industry According to Forbes, Qatar is officially the richest country in the...
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The Latest Digital: Baselworld, Zegna & Ferrari

Luxury brands move to merge corporate content and eCommerce platforms, as Ferrari integrates the Apple iPad mini and Siri technology into its FF hatchback Will digital marketing bring new consumers to luxury brands? According to a new survey from...
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Who Are The Billionaires In Every Country?

bill gates We all know Bill Gates is the richest person in the U.S. and Gina Rinehart is the wealthiest in Australia, but what about all the other billionaires in between? In every major country there is someone carrying the burden of extreme wealth and Forbes was nice enough to put together a cohesive list so we can all see who to be envious of and call for a loan. There are a record number of billionaires in the world right now, totaling a net-worth of $5.4 trillion, with Carlos Slim Helu and his family topping the list at $73 billion and close to 80 affluent others at the bottom with a measly $1 billion each. To get the full run-down on each person, their exorbitant net worth, and country they monetarily dominate, go to
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Meet the 'Fab Five' of Travel Startups

Before a company can turn ideas into action, they usually look for some financial backing. In the world of travel startups, there are five men that are known for their deep pockets, business savvy and proven success. Brad Gerstner, Sam Shank, Erik Blachford, Rich Barton, and Hugh Crean are the angel investors (as well as founders, chairmen, advisors, board members and CEOs) behind many startups that have since become household names (like Zillow, Hotel Tonight, Expedia, Kayak, and Orbitz), and others that have more recently grown in popularity (like the photo-sharing app, Trover). The 'Fab Five' has also been known to invest in many of the same companies as well as each other's, perhaps proving the saying "great minds think alike" to be true. So if you think you have the next big idea for a travel startup and need some cash flow, credibility, or just some advice, these are the guys to call on. Find out more about them at
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Interview With Bob Shullman: An In-depth Look at the Luxury Market Today

bob shullman of Shullman Research Center Though entitled Through The Looking Glass, Mr. Shullman’s extensive, clarifying survey has no relation to the Lewis Carroll book, where time moves backwards, and reality seems truly diffuse. In Mr. Shullman’s survey, affluent and luxury attitudes...
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Interview With CEO & Managing Partner of YoungJets, David Young

David Young ceo of youngjets If the old saying, "success favors the well-prepared" is true, then David Young’s diverse background defines a kind of process inevitability—meaning, his prior experience led inevitably to this place where he is now: CEO and Managing Partner...
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5 Things You Didn't Know About Martin Miller: Everything But the Gin

martin miller The story of Martin Miller Gin is so oft-repeated and well rehearsed at this point, every booze chronicler has covered it. Everyone knows of the British entrepreneur’s industry-leading demand for quality, his journey to find the purest water, and...
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Interview With Joe Poulin CEO & Founder of Luxury Retreats

Joe Poulin Ceo & Founder of Luxury Retreats Luxury villas have been springing up all over the map in recent years; and it's no secret that they've been diverting the attention of discerning travelers who would normally be looking toward their favorite high-end hotel for an extended stay. With...
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2013 Trends on Attitudes of the Ultra Affluent: Where, How & Why They Spend

family getting on private jet As with any news of how ultra high net worth is being defined and distributed in the world, there is good news and challenging news—and the latest Knight Frank Wealth Report 2013 has both. One of the good things is that their research methods...
By: Susan Kimecomments 1 | 2013

The Latest Appointments: Bulgari, Burberry & Four Seasons

François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet The Latest luxury industry appointments at Richemont, Burberry, Six Senses Resorts & Spas, Audemars Piguet, Givenchy, Cartier & Diet Coke Kathleen Tayor is to leave the CEO post of Four Seasons hotels, after serving the Toronto-based hotelier...
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What Recent Results Suggest for Luxury in 2013

gucci campaign Luxury Society investigates recent results announcements by LVMH, Richemont, Herm?s, Swatch Group, De Beers & PPR, to see what they imply for the industry in 2013 LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton recently reported recorded revenue of €28.1...
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Only 23 Units To Be Sold at The New Ritz-Carlton Residences, Lake Tahoe

The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe exterior Kennedy Wilson, a significant international real estate investment and services company, and the new owner of the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe, arguably changed the face of Lake Tahoe mountain living. The company unveiled three custom penthouse show...
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The Philosophy, Paradox, and Poetry of Affluence Research Data

survey with gold pen On February 4 of this year, David Brooks, The New York Times columnist and NPR commentator, who spends a lot of his visual and verbal time discussing the actions of the President and Congress, wrote about something in our area, which was a surprise....
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The Super Rich, Young Financiers Shaking Up the Film Industry

jessica chastain zero dark thirty There is no business like show business, especially if you are extremely wealthy and want to be a deal-making executive producer. The studios are very receptive to qualified check-writers. It is a match made in Hollywood that appears to be working...
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American Express By Invitation Only Events | A Luxury Lifestyle Experience

By: Christina Stewartcomments 0 | 2013
Luxury. Such a simple yet highly subjective word. For some, it is the culmination of wealth. For others, it is merely a game of perception. So, how exactly does one define such an over saturated word? Very carefully. I like to think that after...

A New Sensory Education | Karisma Hotels & Resorts Partners With Kendall-Jackson

Tucanes Bar with Chef Wangler and his team Usually, food and wine events are dazzling displays of culinary artistry and ability—events where theory and practice become one. And, paired with great wine, these events create sensual reciprocities of taste, texture, and color; one taste working...
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Interview With Bradford Rand, Founder of RAND Luxury & The Luxury Review

Bradford Rand RAND Luxury is an international event-production company that caters to the world's finest luxury brands. Based in Manhattan, the RAND team produces The Luxury Review, a series of press/media showcases that feature the latest in high-end products...
By: Susan Kimecomments 2 | 2013

Adriatic Luxury Hotels Launch New Campaign to Attract Elite Travelers

Adriatic Luxury Hotels Dubrovnik Adriatic Luxury Hotels has launched a new marketing campaign to focus on the uniqueness and beauty of Dubrovnik. After all, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. CNN International named Dubrovnik, which is located on the Adriatic Sea...
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The Latest Appointments | Harrods, Balenciaga & Louis Vuitton

Alexander Wang New leadership for a new year, we bring you the latest luxury industry appointments at LVMH, Fisker Automotive, Alexander Wang, Estée Lauder & Bloomberg Pursuits Brigitte Taittinger has left her post as president of Annick Goutal, following 20...
By: Sophie Dorancomments 1 | 2013

Ski Dream Home to Host 'House of Luxury' Event During Sundance Film Festival

ski dream home exterior In the first annual “House of Luxury” event produced by Rand Luxury, a select group of the world's ultra-high-end brands and influencers from the film and entertainment industries will gather concurrent to the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park...
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Exclusive Interview with Highlife Asia’s Founder and CEO Mark Byrne

Shanghai city view On a constant search for all that is opulent around the world, JustLuxe came across an opportunity for an exclusive interview with Mark Byrne, founder and CEO of Highlife Asia Concierge & Lifestyle Management. The luxury concierge company is based...
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