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Dec. 30th, 2010

The Biggest Luxury Purchases of 2010

News & Trends: Wondering what the big guys are into? Seriously, if you had all the money in the world (or close to it), what would you buy? Here's a look at what the billionaires of the world decided they couldn't live without in 2010:

Two White (Unusable/Inedible) Truffles: Billionaire Stanley Ho, the casino king of Macau, purchased two White Italian Grand Champion truffles for $330,000 at a recent auction.

Two Antique Crane-Shaped Incense Burners: Hong Kong real estate magnate Joseph Lau paid $16.7 million for the birds at Christie's auction house.

A Rare 24.78-Carat Pink Diamond: London jeweler Laurence Graff snatched up the gem for a world record of $46 million and has renamed the emerald-cut stone "The Graff Pink."

Jasper Johns' Famous "Flag" Painting: American hedge fund billionaire Steven Cohen made the largest art purchase of the year by paying a rumored $110 million for the painting. He also purchased one of Andy Warhol's iconic Coca-Cola bottle paintings at auction for $35.4 million, well above the estimated auction price.

Kind of makes you wonder what the big purchases of 2011 will turn out to be?

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