The Bouyant Business of Yachts

On the back of a 25% increase in the number of boatstext at the Phuket International Boat Show earlier this month (according to BYMnews) and a rise in demand for space at the Boot Düsseldorf last weekend (Luxuo) , the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Singapore Yacht Show will bow this year at Sentosa Cove in April, fuelled of course by demand from China and the southeast Asian region. Informa Yacht Group, the organisers of the Singapore show (as well as the Monaco Yacht Show and the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show) has apparently already dubbed it Asia’s ‘only’ superyacht show.

More substantial good news for the sector has been trickling in from other corners of the market this week. The sales director of the Emirati firm Gulf Craft told The National newspaper that he forecasts at least a 10% rise on last year’s figures, for instance, while Spiegel dedicated a vast amount of space to a feature about the building boom at top German shipyards like Lürssen and Blohm & Voss. But more interesting than the optimistic picture that the author paints is the intimate portraits he weaves of the clients ordering some of the most dazzling crafts. It certainly makes for enlightening reading.

Via: LuxurySociety

Robb Young

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