Checking in With America's Richest Techie Billionaires

I have some bad news: Mark Zuckerberg is only worth $9.4 billion now. And before you ask why that would ever be a bad thing, consider he lost just over $8 billion after making Facebook public in May. A moment of silence for his loss. Now that that’s behind us let’s talk about some more highlights from Forbes 400 richest Americans list. According to Forbes, 48 of the 400 are nerds from the tech industry (I added the nerd part), with some seeing big financial gains this year while others lost some major hard earned dough.

Number three on the Richie Rich list is self-made billionaire Larry Ellison who is up about the same amount Zuckerberg lost. His $8 billion gain brings his grand total to $41 billion. Not too shabby, but good ole Bill Gates will trump you any day. As top dog (#1 on the 400 list), his net worth is now at $66 billion, up $7 billion since last August. Even more impressive is the fact that he’s given away $28 billion to charity over the years and has taken his stake in Microsoft down to only one-fifth. Nice guys don’t always finish last.


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