Rich Moms Cut Disney World Lines by Hiring Handicapped Tour Guides

cinderella's castle at disney world

Photo Courtesy of Disney
Ahh, Walt Disney World—a magical place where fairytales come to life; families spend quality time together; and well-off Manhattan moms cheat the system so their young children don’t have to wait in long lines. According to the, a group of wealthy mothers hired ‘black-market tour guides’ who are handicapped so their children can cut to the front of the lines. This insider info has been passed around from mom to mom among the private school sector in NYC and many have been taking advantage, especially with how low the rates are. Dream Tours Florida is the company one mom claimed to have used, which charges $130 per hour and $1,040 for an eight-hour day, compared to Disney Tours’ VIP guide and fast passes from $310-380 an hour. So while money doesn't seem to be an issue, the same can't exactly be said for good parenting and morals.


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